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Grace Foods
"Jamaican Born. Toronto Raised."

To launch Grace Foods' new line of Jamaican-inspired soda flavours, we needed an integrated campaign that poured on themes good vibes and travel - especially important during a mid-pandemic activation, when people were so thirsty for adventure. 


Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 3.05.58 PM.png

Campaign Narrative

From Kingston to King Street. From Discovery Bay to the Discovery District. It might seem like there’s a lot of distance between The Rock and The Six. But how can there be, when the love of great taste connects us so closely? When the spirit of celebration runs through our collective veins? When 3,000 kilometres is erased in a single sip? No matter how far our two nations may seem, Grace Food’s refreshed line of Island Soda brings us together with authentic Caribbean flavours. Because it doesn’t matter where you’re born. And it doesn’t matter where you’re raised. All that matters is where you are right now. Because the experience of Island Sodas is a moment, not a place.


VR Transit Displays

Subway ads craftily revealed the campaign by incorporating a VR microsite widget.


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To inspire repeat engagement and general brand affinity, we created a "treasure hunt" activation for existing and net new CRM members. Product hidden around the city were revealed through a series of clues and puzzles distributed by email.

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